Play Live Casino Roulette Game Online

The live roulette is the most advanced mode of the game and allows you to combine the game live and online. Thanks to technology, it was possible to create a roulette wheel that has the same typical equipment of a table in a real casino and directing the game is a charming croupier in the flesh instead of software.

The game is broadcast live on the player’s computer via a webcam, allowing you to play in real time. In roulette live online Casino everything the player needs to do is place his bet on the number or combination of numbers chosen – using the same commands that operated for any other online roulette game – and the croupier throws the ball on the wheel and spins.

The benefits of Roulette Live

the table of the live online roulette split displayThe huge advantage of this live game is that the player can interact with dealers through chat and check the trend of the game through the camera to which it is connected.

This direct relationship with the dealer makes the experience of live roulette even more exciting and similar to that of the live game in the land casino. Even the most skeptical players, who generally are wary of online game, find all the answers to their questions in the live roulette, as all wheel movements of the ball and the dealer are transmitted in real time via webcam.

In Roulette Live online player is common to all the players who have chosen the same table, and each player sees their bets and those of all the courts, just as happens in a real home game!

How to Play Roulette live online

live roulette table full displayIn addition to comidità to play from home, the live Casino roulette allows you to browse your game statistics, easy access to complex and special bets via the button at the bottom right. You can also change the display of the table and save up to four favorite episodes.