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Playtech launches spectacular Sporting Legends games suite

Playtech, the world’s leading Omni-channel gaming software, systems, and services supplier, has launched Sporting Legends, its latest action-packed suite of cutting-edge casino games linked to a series of timed jackpots guaranteed to be won every day.
The suite, created to celebrate the champions of the global sporting world, could not come at a better time and will be launched alongside some of the biggest events in sport including The Cheltenham Festival (March 2018), The Grand National (April) and The World Cup (June).


In an industry first, each game in the suite is linked to a series of three, timed Sporting Legends jackpots; daily, weekly and a Mega Jackpot. This incredible new feature presents players with huge cash prizes that must be won by the end of the day, week, plus a Mega progressive jackpot that offers a gigantic payout.



To keep anticipation and excitement at an all-time high, players can view timers within the game that countdown to each of the different jackpot deadlines.



Each slot boasts a globally recognized sporting legend and has been expertly designed to offer players even more ways-to-win with not just daily jackpots, but also retriggering jackpots.


Every jackpot can be triggered by any spin and for any stake. Each jackpot won before 9 pm restarts, while after 9 pm the next day’s jackpot begins. The weekly jackpot runs until midnight every Friday and restarts after that time.


The first game in this incredible new suite will be Frankie Dettori Sporting Legends, a follow-up to hugely successful Playtech game Frankie Dettori Magic Sevens, a firm favorite with players for many years.


Released in time for the annual Cheltenham Festival, Frankie Dettori Sporting Legends will be supported by a spectacular network promotion running from March 1st to March 22nd, offering players the chance to win up to £200,000 from the weekly prize draw.


Enter The Age Of Live Dealer Casino Entertainment.

The evolution of online casino gaming is truly impressive. As for today, online casinos deliver high quality realistic live casino experience with professional attractive dealers that make you feel like you’re playing at a real casino.
The latest live streaming technology with faster Internet speeds enables you to follow closely the dealing of the cards, the spinning of the wheel and the dropping of the roulette ball from different angles and in HD. You can even use slow motion replays.
Additionally, the new browser technologies enable you to play live casino games with no software download directly from your browser using any type of mobile device as long you are connected to the internet.
Considering the fact that the “traditional” online casino games which were using Computer random number generated casino games combined with high-quality graphics are fun and gained popularity and trust, it is not surprising that the new generation live dealer casinos are attracting, even more, players to online casinos.

You can play using the screen in your living room or your smartphone

All the best operators nowadays feature a ‘live’ section on their site and the number is growing constantly as the industry seeks to cater to the desires of online players by minimising the difference in playing experience between real and online casinos.

Live Casinos has become undoubtedly a very popular type of gaming activity amongst the vast majority of gamblers including the most conservative high rollers.

American Dad Online Slot

Playtech has launched  American Dad slot

Animated comedy game delivers screwball characters from
hit television series

 American Dad Slots

 Playtech  has launched a premium-branded and officially licensed slot game based on the award-winning animated sitcom, American Dad!

Say ‘Good morning USA!’ and head to Langley Falls in this eccentric five-reel, 40-line slot game where you will be greeted by all your favourite Smith family members and their wacky friends.

Land two ‘Schmooblydong Wheel’ symbols for a re-spin with a random modifier from a member of America’s most outlandish family and land three for powered-up free games.

Trigger ‘Roger’s Random Wilds’ feature to witness the show’s beloved space alien return from a wild night out and spit out up to 10 random wilds, or activate the Wheels and the Legman feature and watch as the characters chase one another across the reels leaving a trail of wild symbols on every feature spin, for a chance to win some mega money prizes.

With eye-popping graphics, exciting free games and all the favourite characters from the hit TV show, this feature-rich game is guaranteed to excite and engage players across Playtech’s extensive casino network of licensees.

undoubtedly American Dad! is a fantastic addition to Playtech’s extensive portfolio of best-performing casino content.

Play Live Casino Roulette Game Online

The live roulette is the most advanced mode of the game and allows you to combine the game live and online. Thanks to technology, it was possible to create a roulette wheel that has the same typical equipment of a table in a real casino and directing the game is a charming croupier in the flesh instead of software.

The game is broadcast live on the player’s computer via a webcam, allowing you to play in real time. In roulette live online Casino everything the player needs to do is place his bet on the number or combination of numbers chosen – using the same commands that operated for any other online roulette game – and the croupier throws the ball on the wheel and spins.

The benefits of Roulette Live

the table of the live online roulette split displayThe huge advantage of this live game is that the player can interact with dealers through chat and check the trend of the game through the camera to which it is connected.

This direct relationship with the dealer makes the experience of live roulette even more exciting and similar to that of the live game in the land casino. Even the most skeptical players, who generally are wary of online game, find all the answers to their questions in the live roulette, as all wheel movements of the ball and the dealer are transmitted in real time via webcam.

In Roulette Live online player is common to all the players who have chosen the same table, and each player sees their bets and those of all the courts, just as happens in a real home game!

How to Play Roulette live online

live roulette table full displayIn addition to comidità to play from home, the live Casino roulette allows you to browse your game statistics, easy access to complex and special bets via the button at the bottom right. You can also change the display of the table and save up to four favorite episodes.

Play Live Casino Online Blackjack game

playing blackjack is part of every visit to a casino.
So far, online blackjack has proven an excellent alternative to the emotions you feel at a real table. But now, with our new and amazing game Live Blackjack, you will be able to enjoy the thrilling experience of online blackjack from the comfort of your home.
That’s exactly it, Live Blackjack is here and it’s bigger, better and brighter than ever.
You enjoy the excitement by playing one of the classic casino games of all and present in our casino quality of Live Games section.
Come and see for yourself.
The casino atmosphere is top notch, with fantastic facilities and HD-streaming. There are a lot of tables, so you can always find a place in our virtual blackjack tables and oversized cards that allow you to see exactly what is happening.
In addition, we have a new collection of charming live dealers. Not only are they attractive, but they know what they are doing, thus ensuring a fun experience in a professional gaming environment. The game of blackjack has never been more fun than that. Now, all you have to do is place a bet and win.

The Live Blackjack offers all the thrills that you can try playing blackjack in a land based casino and comfort of your home. When you enter, the environment is real because, frankly speaking, it’s live.
Do you want to enter into the action of the live gambling? Play Live Blackjack now.

Learn the 5 best basic roulette systems

1. The Martingale System

The Martingale System is likely the most well-known basic Roulette system around. It’s based on intuition, and by playing it, you seek to double your bets – even if you lose.
Start small, so you can double smaller losing bets. Bet a small amount on either black or red; even numbers or odd numbers; or one of the three numbered sections. If you win the bet, take the amount you’ve won and bet the same amount again. If you’ve lost, double the amount you bet last and place it on the same type of bet. E.g. if you bet – and lost – $1 on red, you should now bet $2 on red. If you win, take your winnings and bet the same initial amount again. If you’ve lost, double the bet again.

– This is a game with 50:50 odds of winning.
– It is possible to recover your losses – if you keep doubling losing bets, as soon as you win, you’ve recovered these.

– Since Roulette is a game of chance, it is unlikely that just because black wins 9 times, that red will win on the 10th. Each spin has a 50:50 chance of black or red winning.
– If you’re playing on a maximum bet table, you could potentially end up reaching the maximum bet limit
– There’s a risk that you could run out of money before you’ve recouped your losses.

2. The Reverse Martingale System

People playing a Roulette system Playing the Reverse Martingale Roulette system

Just like The Martingale, but the other way around; this Roulette strategy says to increase your bets when you win and decrease them when you don’t. Theoretically, this way you limit your losses and maximize your winnings. Theoretically.
To play the Reverse Martingale system, start in the same way as above – pick a red/black, even/odd bit. Place a small amount to start. If you win, double your bet and place it on the same bet as before. If you lose, bet the original amount on the same bet.

This system could potentially maximize your winning streak while minimising potential losses.

If you lose, your losses can eat away at your bankroll. Realistically, you need both wins and losses to keep in the game – which is impossible to predict and manage.

3. The D’Alembert System

The d’Alembert system is amore mathematical approach to Roulette system. You simply place a bet and, every time you lose, increase your next bet by 1.
As with all new systems, start by betting small, to minimise losses. As the d’Alembert is a betting system with even odds, you can place more than one bet – a number bet and an even/odd bet, for example.
Place your bet and, if you win, decrease your bet by 1; if you lose, increase it by 1. E.g. – if you bet $10 on black, and you lose, next time you should bet $11 on black. If your next spin wins, bet $10 again.
You won one bet and lost another. Financially, that’s – 10 – 11 + 10 = 9.

While all Roulette systems are risky, this is a comparatively safe system, as it requires low betting amounts. It’s easier to sustain and remain control of your bankroll, and even if you do have a massive losing streak, it is slow and sustained.

Potential wins are very low, and in order to recoup your losses, you’d have to make as many winning bets as you would losing bets, which is unlikely in any game.
Also, a potentially long losing streak could lead to higher bets, which you could find yourself unable to sustain, and which would have to be recuperated by a long winning streak.

4. The Fibonacci System

This system, named after renowned Italian mathematician Fibonacci, relies on a cumulative number sequence, by adding the last two digits in the sequence together. E.g: 1 + 1 = 2; 1+ 2 = 3; 2+ 3 = 5, and so on. To play using this roulette strategy, add the last two bets you made together. Some quick roulette tips for you: keep a pen and paper handy, to keep track of your betting sequence.
Start small, by betting either black or red. Because this is an even-chance system, you could also place an even/odd bet or a number bet as well.
If you lose, continue with the sequence, adding your last two bets together. For example – if you bet $1 and lose, bet $1 again. If you lose that bet, bet $2.
If you win, go back two numbers in the sequence, for example: bet and win on $3, go back and bet $1.

It is potentially profitable, even when you lose.

It’s easy to get stuck in a losing streak – the further down the streak you go, the bigger the losses will be.

5: The James Bond System

First off, you need at least $200 to even start playing what author Ian Fleming called his ‘foolproof’ system. Note; This is not a definite ‘how to win roulette’ system – this type of system is known as a ‘column’ bet.
With your $200, place $140 on high numbers – between 19-36.
Put $50 on numbers 13-15.
Bet $10 on 0 – an insurance bet.
If these numbers win, you could make $80 on numbers 19-36; $100 on 13 – 18, or $160 on 0.

Winning on one of the numbers you’ve staked on is a 2/3 chance.

There’s a 1/3 chance you’ll lose a LOT of money. This type of system is very unsustainable – it is for short term wins only, and it’s possible to lose a lot of money, very quickly.

BetStars Launched This Month its New ‘Big Call’ Campaign

The Online sports betting site BetStars, launched this month its new ‘Big Call’ marketing campaign, an exciting series of social media videos featuring a line-up of sporting stars.

The creative video series sees each ambassador make a literal ‘big call’ via video phone, as they share predictions ahead of major events in the sporting calendar.

The campaign kicks off with former England international footballer Wayne Bridge, who previews the Premier League meeting between his former sides Chelsea and Manchester City tonight. To see Bridge’s predictions go to BetStars social media channels or the footballer’s own social media accounts.

Seven-time world snooker champion Stephen Hendry is the next sportsperson to be put on the spot for the second video of The Big Call series which will be released just ahead of the World Snooker Championships in Sheffield on April 15. Further high-profile sporting talent are due to take on the ‘Big Call’ in the coming months.

betStars connecting social media users with some of their favorite sporting idols, the people best placed to share genuine sports insight ahead of the year’s biggest and the best betting events.


Microgaming springs back into action with April new games

Microgaming is set to release two new exciting games in April – Cool Buck and Mega Money Multiplier.

The buck never stops in Cool Buck, where the classic five reel, nine-pay-line slot format explodes with fast-paced action and brand new features from the off. The simple, sleek design allows the gameplay to take centre stage with a new free spins collection feature combined with player-favourite features including super stacked wilds across the reels, free spins, scatters and a 2x multiplier, all built on a new game engine that has been carefully balanced to make every spin as impactful as possible.

There’s great bang per buck too, with a 0.09 minimum bet and a maximum win of 107,500.00 credits.

Step back in time, and into the future, with Mega Money Multiplier, which brings the classic retro feel of the traditional three-reel slot into the video age. Firmly back in fashion with new and old players alike, the elegantly designed game builds in non-stop, high-adrenaline action with wild symbols, re spins(for guaranteed wins) and multipliers (up to 10x).

Players can revel in a world of retro gaming with a 0.15 minimum bet and 80,125.00 credit maximum win.

Playtech Launches £500k Casino Cash Giveaway!

Playtech Casino network promotion celebrates most exciting games of 2017 – follows massive success of earlier promos

Playtech has launched its largest ever £500,000 casino network promotion that will run across its network for 28 days.

The massive cash giveaway, that coincides with the launch of a host of sensational Super Hero based games including three Superman film titles, Superman (1978), Superman II (1980)and Man of Steel (2013), is already generating record numbers and ran across the Cheltenham Festival last week.

This follows the huge success of Playtech’s £250,000 network promotions last year to promote the launch of the first series of DC-branded titles.

The independently adjudicated, £500,000 cash giveaway, consists of four draws including one worth £200,000 and three others, each worth £100,000. Headline prizes of £5,000 will also be up for grabs as well as hundreds of smaller cash prizes, to ensure there are as many winners as possible.

To be in with a chance of winning some incredible prizes, players playing their favorite games will receive one ticket for every £10 cash bet placed on selected titles.

This includes a handful of new and best-performing titles such as Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980), Man of Steel (2013), Green Lantern (2011), Space Invaders, Halloween Fortune 2, Buffalo Blitz, Age of the Gods™ and Plenty O’ Fortune. Players can have unlimited entries and win an unlimited number of prizes.

Following the conclusion of the £500,000 promotion, Playtech will launch a further network promotion later this year to coincide with the beginning of the new football season.

Best UK Online Poker Rooms for April 2017

List of Best UK Online Poker Rooms for  April 2017
We at list here the most entertaining a popular and advance online poker playing experience when you visit any of our listed Top 10 UK Poker sites.
below you will find selection the very best online poker rooms for April 2016 offering the best promotions, rack backs, highest paying tournaments and sites offering both real money and free to play poker tables, keep on reading if you are seeking for that special poker rooms that suit you!’s aim is to help poker players to Get the most out of their online poker gaming experience by playing at the best online poker sites in 2017

Virtual Reality casino by SlotsMillion

SlotsMillion presents First Virtual Reality Online Casino for Real Money

Discover the first VR/3D online casino application that allows you to play for real money. Enjoy your own private casino room with more than 40 of our most popular games available. Download the app, log-in with your SlotsMillion account, and experience your favorite online casino like never before – it’s a virtual new world.



Pros and cons of technology
To many players attracted to the Million Slot to try the unique VR casino, there is no doubt, and the product is really good and something extraordinary. When you are logged into the casino and have your Oculus Rift connected so you can walk around as a land-based casino and choose between different gaming machines. Or maybe you are more tempted to have a drink in the virtual bar? The options are almost limitless, and even though you are sitting on your sofa, you get the feeling of a social experience with high voltage in the air. However, there are disadvantages to playing casino in the virtual reality environment. Secondly, the technology is only in its infancy at the Million Slot and partly to offer customers yet not so many games. In other words, the games offer much greater if you choose to play in the   Want to play casino Slotmillions virtual world as it is instead a couple Oculus Rift, you must obtain yourself. But it is only a matter of time before more players offer VR casino in view of its potential. And then will also increase flexibility in terms of the VR goggles that can be used and not.

Can I play without the Oculus goggles?

Yes. The SlotsMillion virtual casino application recognizes whether you have the goggles plugged in or not. Without goggles, you will see the virtual casino in 3D on your computer.

Will I see other players in the Virtual Casino?

Yes, several players can enter the room simultaneously, so you are very likely to see other people playing around you.

Can other players see my game screen?

No. Other players will see you playing in a particular slot, but will not be able to see your screen or your balance.

Do my Responsible Gaming limits apply to the Virtual Casino?

Yes, they do. All your gaming limits apply the same way they do on the casino website.

Will I be able to access my Lobby inside the casino?

No. For now, all Lobby information and options (including Deposit and Withdrawal) will not be available in the Virtual Casino room.