blackjack is very popular game nowadays and this is partly due to the blockbuster “21” that caused blackjack again well was put on the map. The film “21 is based on a true story in which a group of MIT students was able to earn millions of dollars through their mathematical understanding and unusual calculations Continue reading


Introduction to Online Roulette

Roulette games have been popular since the Renaissance and casino roulette has always been able to catch the gambler’s attention in gambling cities like Las Vegas, Macau Monte Carlo, and Atlantic City. Now, you do not travel as far as online casino games and online roulette is available at home on your own computer or on mobile devices.
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Online Poker


With so many excellent UK poker sites to choose from, choosing one can be a real challenge. To help narrow down the field, I’ve selected some of the favorites amongst Uk’s online poker players. Continue reading