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What is ‘provably fair’ gambling and how does it work?

If you have ever played in an online casino, then you probably know how hard it is to win.There is always a suspicion that the casino is cheating you.

This is a problem that the “provably fair” technology has finally solved. It was first introduced in early 2010 as an algorithm which provides a prove that the shuffle of the online casino games is fair and random. With this distinct evidence of fair gaming, which is most frequently can be found nowadays in Bitcoin casinos, there are no longer doubts about the fairness of the games outcomes.

provably fair’ enables players to verify immediately whether the outcome which was generated by the casino was manipulated. The process can be performed by the player himself for each round played.
Many experts predict that it will be the standard for all casino sites. “provably fair” is no less than a revolution in the online gambling industry
How does the Provably fair verification method work?

Basically, the “Provably Fair” system uses the cryptographic function is called hash. This is also known as the SHA256 algorithm. This approach is implemented to ensure that neither the provider nor the player has the opportunity to know how a deck is mixed until it was dealt.

To understand this method of verification, and to establish that the online casino plays fair, the needed steps are explained in more detail below. These are the steps that are performed before a hand is dealt.

– The online casino’s Server creates new decks and mixing them by the use of a hardware random number generator.

– In addition to the hardware number random generator, the server will also generate two random strings. The two number strings with numbers are then combined into a single encoded string. The result is the so-called “secret”.

– Last but not least is this “secret” then hashed by applying the one-way hashing algorithm SHA256. The result of this hashing is then called the “hash”. The value is the player shown before him a hand of cards is dealt. The player can then verify that the card decks random strings or the secret have not been manipulated by the casino

‘PProvably Fair” e’ gambling websites allow players to cut the deck

In addition, the ‘Provably fair ‘ gambling sites allow their players a verification that they are making no unlawful steps from their side, they offer players the opportunity to cut the decks by themselves.
And to change the seed which was generated by the browser.

How does that work then?

Before a hand is dealt, the Javascript generates a random string in the Web browser of the player. Once the player then clicks the betting button the browser sends this generated string to the server of the online casino, there is being hashed again.

Basically, the process is similar to the verification process, except that the generated hash is used to seeding a different kind of random number generator. When parts of the deck of the Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator is used, and that is the one that is used for mixing of the deck. Since the player is the only one who knows the number that was used for the seeding of the random number, there is no way for the online gambling platform to manipulate the results of the mixture.

‘Provably fair ‘ is not only used for card games

Another impressive feature that is having this new method also means that they must not only be used for card games. Here the same principle is followed. The biggest difference is that another card deck is used on the ‘Proven Fair’ gambling website.

If you’re wondering what other ‘Provably fair ‘, games are available we can confirm that there are a plenty them. Roulette, craps, and slot machines are just a few of these games where players can prove that the casino has done nothing to manipulate the results


As you probably already can see Provably fair is definitely the future of online gambling. It has many advantages and some sort of security, both for players and the Bitcoin Casino is advantageous. You also need not be very technically proficient in drawing the best out of this method, In order to find out the truth all that is required from the player is to fill in a few details and to click a button,
At the same time provide the web-based casinos also ensure that they are not ripped off by unscrupulous players and fraudsters.