Bitcoin Betting

Best Bitcoin Betting Sites for 2018


Bitcoin has proven to be a genuinely useful technology in the online gambling sector so far. Various betting sites accept bitcoin payments already, although there is still a lot of room for future growth.

BITCOIN Online Betting In the US

While some may not be too troubled about the legal status of bitcoin gambling in the United States, the subject is a well worth examination.

Online Gambling is not illegal on the federal level by any means. Only Using the banking system for online gambling purposes is prohibited in the United States. To be more specific, these laws apply to gambling operators on a state and federal level. The federal legislation focuses on the transfer of funds, whereas state laws regulate the operations within their respective state.

Online gaming has been a matter of debate for the past years in the US. Different states have different policies and regulations in place to tackle online gambling. This fact explains why some online gambling sites do not serve customers from specific states in the US.

However, several US states have made online gambling illegal, regardless of whether it occurs in a physical location or on the internet. The method of payment used to fund one’s gambling activities, however, is a different matter entirely.  if the state you live in prohibits online gambling, it will not matter which form of payment you are using.