Top 5 Best New Apps in October2017 for Android and iOS!!

Applications expand the scope of operations of the devices. There are numerous applications launched every month. Every application has specific features. Some apps can be installed for free while some require paid subscriptions to operate. The primary aim of every application is to perform the operation it aims at, in the safest and easiest manner. When new applications are launched, business gets boosted. This is because employment opportunities are generated and thus, both business and economy grow.

Latest Apps Launched in October 2017

As mentioned earlier, numerous applications are launched every month. So was the scenario in October 2017. Here is the list of one of the best apps launched in this month:

  • Be My Eyes: This app is launched to make a change and help blind people. Basically, this app connects the blind people to the ones who have a vision and can take their help in a situation where visibility is important. It is a volunteer app and can be installed and used for free.
  • Lawnchair Launcher: This is basically an open-source launcher which is very similar to the Google’s Pixel Launcher. The app has numerous customization options. It performs very well and must be given a try.
  • Messenger Lite: Now this app was much needed. The Facebook Messenger app consumes a lot of space and data. But the Facebook Messenger Lite is a more efficient alternative which consumes much less storage space and data. This is because this app has eliminated numerous features which are generally not used by the users.
  • Movies Anywhere: This app is the best alternative to Showbox and It is going to be a big hit! This is because it brings all the movies from Vudu, Amazon, Google Play Movies and iTunes together in one place. The app is designed very smartly and performs well too. Movie buffs are going to love this app.
  • Microsoft Edge: Microsoft’s desktop browser’s mobile version is here. The users can also link the app to the computer version of Microsoft to sync the data. The app is in beta currently and will turn out to be a successful app for the official launch.

Generally, the applications which can be installed from Google Play Store are free of cost. A good application is one which does not have bugs, consumes less storage space, data and battery power and most importantly is secured to use. The preferences of the applications vary from user to user. There are also some pre-installed apps on the devices, which are supposed to carry out certain functions. Other than that, only required apps must be kept on the devices otherwise the devices may lag and not function properly. Always rely on certified sources for installing applications.